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LaValle Back In The Game

Today, walking into Suffolk County Republican Committee headquarters in Bohemia will give the visitor no sense of the strength that the party once had. In fact, it might put the person in mind of a small grassroots group, possibly even a lesser-known third party. The space does not suggest the seat of the former juggernaut. Its doors are thin and cheap. A broken copy machine sits near the front window. One staffer mans the phones, which are ringing now but presumably were not in the past couple of years when Harry Withers ran the party. The computers look old and beyond out-of-date. Atari has nothing on these machines, which hold the files behind the Suffolk County Republican party. The conference room is small and cramped and holds no real history. At least not yet.

The only thing that feels fresh and energized is newly elected Chairman John Jay LaValle. He really isn’t new to politics of course, having held both a seat on the Brookhaven Town Council from 1996 to 2000, when he became the youngest town supervisor in Brookhaven history. He was a bold young politico, rankling some of the old guard while carving out his own legacy. He took a break from the game in 2005. He got out unscathed, unlike many of his colleagues. Now he’s back, and he says it is going to be different.