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Tattoo Lou’s Holds Breast Cancer Benefit Nov. 4

Tattoo Lou’s is ending Breast Cancer month with a Breast Cancer Benefit and Artist Appreciation Party. The party will be at Four on Nov. 4th,…

Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley visited Gold Coast Bank in Huntington to speak about the importance of breast cancer awareness.

JWoww Visits Huntington Bank To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Jersey Shore star JWoww visited Gold Coast Bank  in Huntington Monday to support breast cancer awareness and unveil a banner to honor Breast Cancer Awareness…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Info About Breast Cancer Awareness

Today marks the start of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Click here to view more photos related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The organization for…

Book Review: Lopsided, By Merdith Norton

Apparently there is an entire genre of non-fiction books written by sassy lady authors who intend to kick cancer’s butt. I was unaware of this particular nook until I read a (positive) review of Meredith Norton’s memoir, Lopsided: How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting, which promised the author had Sedaris-esque stylings.

LI Green Scene: Canned Pandas, MJ Pumpkins, Ribbon Bagels and More

Last year local artist Cesar Cristancho made us a Long Island Press pumpkin. We just threw it out last month. OK, we’re lying but we kept it on our desk until it nearly disintegrated and we were very tempted to shellac it and keep it forever. Cesar makes one-of-a-kind pumpkins that we really can’t describe in words. Some are terrifying, some are adorable.