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Blackberry Playbook to go on Sale in April

Here we go again. Another tablet has been introduced and this time it’s Blackberry that’s getting into the world of tablet computers. Research in Motion…

Off the Reservation: The Empire Strikes Back

My election plans almost went off without a hitch with my posterior comfortably settled into the perfectly formed groove in the corner of my couch….


Interview: Ryan Reynolds

The actor on working inside a coffin, speaking to the camera and bouncing between genres

BlackBerry Torch: BlackBerry 9800, aka BlackBerry Slider, Announced by RIM

Move over Apple, HTC, Google, Nokia, Palm (man, this market is getting crowded): RIM is bringing a new BlackBerry to market. [popup url=""]Click here to…

Uniondale Man Arrested for Robbery with BB Gun

A man was arrested Friday for threatening another man with a BB gun before attacking and robbing him in Uniondale. Nassau County police said the…

Jerry’s Ink: The Biggest Ass

I flew to Chicago Monday on business. My associate, Mac McLaurin, met me at LaGuardia airport. We both commented at how old and dingy the…