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Watain Descends Upon NYC

As black metal evolves into newer and weirder terrains, Sweden’s fearsome Watain continue to toil in the same poisoned ground from which the music first grew.


Review: Agalloch’s Marrow of the Spirit

A genre-changing metal album, Agalloch’s Marrow of the Spirit is labyrinthine, thrilling and truly epic.

Thomas Gabriel Fischer (center) fronts Triptykon, who will play Manhattan's Gramercy Theater on October 6.

Interview: Thomas Gabriel Fischer, aka Tom G. Warrior, of Triptykon, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer

Thomas Gabriel Fischer, aka Tom G. Warrior, is the frontman of Triptykon and architect behind the black-metal band’s first full-length masterpiece, Eparistera Diamones, which was…

Nachtmystium's Blake Judd, who will perform in Manhattan on Sept. 15, and in Brooklyn on Sept. 19.

Nachtmystium: Interview with Nachtmystium’s Blake Judd

Chicago’s Nachtmystium is not just one of the best black metal bands in the world; they are, right now, one of the most exciting bands…


Review: Man’s Gin: Smiling Dogs

Smiling Dogs, the debut album from Man’s Gin, the new project from Erik Wunder of Cobalt, is not black metal, but it is nonetheless pitch-black music—with roots in Appalachian and Irish folk, blues, German beer-hall songs, murder ballads. (And it’s catchy as hell.)

Sonic Boom: Reviews: Nachtmystium’s Addicts

Addicts may be the nominal second part of Judd’s Black Meddle series, but it hardly feels like a continuation—nothing here would have really fit on Assassins and vice versa.