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Long Island Bands Rock Out Autism

Music soothes the soul. It also heals the body and mind. Proof of this can be witnessed firsthand across the faces and in the hearts…

Play Ball!

Kyle Meier is 5 1/2 years old. He’s been through more than 12 surgeries in his short life, more surgeries than the majority of us will have in a lifetime. Two lifetimes. Kyle was born with multiple birth defects including proximal femoral focal deficiency: He has no thigh bones or hip joints, resulting in severely short stature. He was also born with Pierre Robin Syndrome (PRS), a rare condition characterized by a small lower jaw, cleft palate and a tendency for the tongue to “ball up” in the back of the mouth. He also has a tracheotomy. By definition, Kyle is severely disabled, but he is also like millions of other kids.

NYS Department Of Education: Albany’s Kremlin

You have a child with autism and he needs a specific program with intensive services. You go to your school district’s committee on special education meeting and your district agrees that the program is appropriate and generates an IEP (individualized educational plan) for your child. The school district sends the placement information to the State Education and the placement is denied. What can you do as the parent?