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Nassau County Museum of Art Exhibit: Chagall

Chagall’s storytelling paintings portray a fantastic pictorial world where heaven and earth seem to meet, and couples are always in love. It’s a world where…

EHM Rock Art Show @ Jedediah Hawkins Inn

WEHM rocks the art world—and Long Island—with an amazing collection of works featuring classic artists like Paul McCartney, Jerry Garcia, John Entwistle, Jimi Hendrix, Bob…


Jim Dine/Pinochio Exhibit Opens at Nassau County Museum of Art

A painter, sculptor and graphic artist, Dine’s art often incorporates images of everyday life, such as tools, rope, shoes, neckties and other articles of clothing….

Ansel Adams Photos: Garage Sale Find Worth $200 Million

Ten years ago in California, Rick Norsigian purchased two small boxes containing 65 glass negatives for $45. Today those glass negatives are being identified as…

LI Green Scene: Canned Pandas, MJ Pumpkins, Ribbon Bagels and More

Last year local artist Cesar Cristancho made us a Long Island Press pumpkin. We just threw it out last month. OK, we’re lying but we kept it on our desk until it nearly disintegrated and we were very tempted to shellac it and keep it forever. Cesar makes one-of-a-kind pumpkins that we really can’t describe in words. Some are terrifying, some are adorable.