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Long Island Grads Face Uncertain Future

Michael Cunha did it all by the book. He achieved…

Waiting for Obamacare: Bridging the Coverage Gap

President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act will not fully go into effect until 2014. Until then, many Americans find themselves without health insurance, ranging from the unemployed to newly hired employees to recent college graduates.

Obessa        (Courtesy of Jane Gennaro)

Feed The Models! Art Exhibit at Adelphi University

In our culture, art often dictates the standard of beauty. For decades, the industry has perpetuated the standard of razor-thin, taut bodies as the ideal…

For Whom The Bell Tolls

The Kay family used to be the ones who volunteered to wrap and deliver gifts for needy families. But the couple from Holtsville found Long Island to be too expensive to raise their two young children after Mr. Kay was laid off from his Nassau County job and Mrs. Kay was diagnosed with rectal cancer. They packed up and moved south, to the sunny promise of better days in Florida. Once there, the cruel hand of fate dealt them another blow, and a housing scam brought them to their knees. Now, they are back on LI, they had to sell most of their belongings to afford an apartment in Shirley and need help themselves.