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Adam Sandler Interview

When trying to sort out the annoying ordeal known as a midlife crisis, there’s apparently an even pricier alternative to a shrink’s couch, sports car…

Grown Ups Movie Review

Vanity is not exactly an uncommon celeb trait, which is why letting a bunch of them loose in the movie brainstorming boardroom is likely an ill-advised idea. Witness two films currently hitting the screens: First, regal Brit Helen Mirren, directed by hubby Taylor Hackford, as first choice to play—I kid you not—a tough-talking leader of a Vegas brothel. And then Adam Sandler, hitting the keyboard as script writer for Grown Ups, a comedy about, well, Adam Sandler.

A Life in Comedy Leads Apatow to ‘Funny People’

  By Jake Coyle, AP Entertainment Writer Judd Apatow’s “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” spawned one of the most vibrant and successful runs in American comedy —…