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Sonic Boom: Album Reviews: Adam Lambert, Animal Collective, Lady Gaga…

Has it really been a month since my last “Pirate Guide”—the newly introduced “Sonic Boom” feature wherein I write short reviews of a host of new records? Why, it seems it has! My, how time flies. And what a month it has been! I mean, you wouldn’t believe the crazy stuff that has gone on in my life. Why just last week…well, let’s save it—because we’ve got records to talk about!

Letters to the Press: For the Week of Nov. 26 – Dec. 2

Managing Editor Michael Patrick Nelson’s column detailing his first listen of American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, garnered responses from all corners of the Web. What follows are a sampling of the comments posted in response to Mike’s column.

ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ Cancels Adam Lambert

ABC’s “Good Morning America” canceled an appearance by Adam Lambert following his racy American Music Awards performance, and he was quickly snapped up by ABC’s morning…

Video Recap Of AMA’s — J Lo Falls, Lady Gaga Smashes Glass, Adam Lambert Goes S&M

In case you missed the 2009 American Music Awards Sunday night, here’s a video recap. Lady Gaga, wearing an alien-inspired headdress and vest filled with…

Sonic Boom: First Impressions of Adam Lambert

I spend a lot of time watching and thinking about and writing about American Idol—for many lofty sociological reasons, but mostly, really, because I enjoy the show. That said, Kelly Clarkson aside, I rarely listen to any music made by Idol singers once they have graduated from the show. Because, of course, they’re garbage. HOWEVER, my affection for last season’s Adam Lambert transcended my biases against Idol-produced artists. As I watched Adam, week after week, I grew convinced that he would make a record I truly loved. He wasn’t a contestant; he was an artist.

Raising Hell(en) Over Ellen

So it’s been like a week, and by now, pretty much everyone who has ever seen an episode of American Idol—heck, anyone who even knows of the existence of the television show called American Idol—has commented on the announcement that comedian/talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres will be taking over as the fourth judge on American Idol, claiming the chair once owned by the graceful and eloquent Paula Abdul.