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The Power List profiles 50 Long Islanders who have considerable influence over daily life on Long Island. To compile the list, members of the Long Island Press editorial staff examine the contributions of hundreds of Long Islanders and gauge their impact on the Island within the past year. Those who have appeared on the Power List for five years are automatically inducted into the Power List Hall of Fame.

Click here to view photos from the June 11, 2012 Power List Party, held at The Carltun.

Number 1

Stuart Rabinowitz

Number 2

James Dolan

Number 3

Scott Rechler

Number 4

Kenneth Langone

Number 5

Kirk Kordeleski

Number 6

Seymour Liebman

Number 7

Steven Bellone

Number 8

Samuel Stanley

Number 9

Sam Aronson

Number 10

Edward Mangano

Number 11

John Cameron

Number 12

Carter Bales

Number 13

Stanley Bergman

Number 14

Alec Baldwin

Number 15

Resi Cooper

Number 16

Gary Melius

Number 17

Charles Strain

Number 18

Jamie Nicholls

Number 19

Richard Iannuzzi

Number 20

John Staluppi

Number 21

Michael Hervey

Number 22

Charles Fuschillo

Number 23

Mark Lesko

Number 24

John Collins

Number 25

Mark Fasciano

Number 26

Marc Beige

Number 27

Michael Posillico

Number 28

Patrick Foye

Number 29

Charles Vigliotti

Number 30

Desmond Ryan

Number 31

Gary Richard

Number 32

Jeffrey Reynolds

Number 33

Tracey Edwards

Number 34

Hubert Keen

Number 35

Katherine Heaviside

Number 36

Michael Wigler

Number 37

Theresa Regnante

Number 38

Peter Schmitt

Number 39

Paul Pontieri

Number 40

Frederick Brewington

Number 41

James Carver

Number 42

Adrienne Esposito

Number 43

William Lindsay

Number 44

Frank Otto

Number 45

David Kilmnick

Number 46

Lisa and Richard Schary

Number 47

Nancy Engelhardt

Number 48

Joshua Lafazan

Number 49

Debra Markowitz / Michele Stark

Number 50

NCPD Whistleblowers