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Power List 2010 Hall of Fame

In 2008, the Long Island Press Power List Hall of Fame welcomed its first class of inductees—people who had made the Power List for five years, people whose power had been clearly established. Now in its third year, the Hall of Fame welcomes eight new members, power players of all stripes: an activist, a PBA president, an outgoing LIPA president but incoming LIA head. And more.

The 8th Annual Power List

The eighth annual Long Island Press Power List underscores a tenuous time for Long Island. The Madoff effect poured salt in the wound of a…

Power List 2009 Hall of Fame

2009 Inductees

Last year, the Long Island Press Power List Committee inducted its first Hall of Fame. Those included had to be named to the Power List at least five times. The rules still stand. This year, four people join the list. In other words, they are on the Power List forever.

The 7th Annual Power List

What do people with power do? More importantly, what can someone accomplish with power? In 2008, an African-African man won an historic presidential election. One woman lost her chance to lead the free world, but has now become an ambassador for peace in these volatile times. A brilliant businessman was found to be a thief. Some men started wars. Nobody ended one.

The 6th Annual Power List

We always argue about what power is.

Each year, the Press Power List committee rolls up its sleeves and begins to debate the merits of what power means. E-mails flood our in-boxes, the phones ring off the hook and the pitches begin. In truth, most of the people who are pitched to the committee by a third party are not chosen for the list. And here’s why.