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Sleep Deprivation Among Students at All-Time High

Sleep Deprivation Among Students At All-Time High

The Shake Weight. Adult footed pajamas. The Slap Chop. Late…


Not Pro-Ana: The Online Sisterhood of Eating Disorders

With a Little Help From My Friends: A look inside the online sisterhood of eating disorders

GMOs in Food: Genetically Modified Food & Our Kids

She calls it Franken-food, genocide. Strawberries grown from seeds injected with DNA from arctic flounder fish to make them frost resistant. Seeds pumped with suicide…

Cyberbullying on Long Island

For Jamie Isaacs, the torment began in second grade at Wenonah Elementary School. A group of girls would repeatedly yank her hair and stab her with sharpened pencils. Sachem Central School District officials did nothing to stop the abuse, her family alleges.

Gluten Free: Millions Have Celiac, Few Diagnosed

Part 29 of our award-winning series “Our Children’s Health” Amanda Brown, of Plainview, works as a student teacher at an elementary school during the week….

Overachievers: Over And Out

Carla, a senior at Half Hollow Hills High School, returns home exhausted after extra help with her academic studies, a rigorous track practice and an SAT review class. It is 10 p.m., and while most kids her age are going to bed, she is only starting to dig into the tower of homework assignments on her desk. But rather than succumb to fatigue, she works until her essays are finished, and flawless, determined not to sacrifice a point on her homework average and consequently damage her GPA.