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Although the Long Island heroin epidemic has plagued both Nassau and Suffolk equally with record numbers of arrests and deaths, as is well-documented since the…

Cops: St. James Teen Sold Heroin From Home

A St. James teenager was arrested on drug charges after heroin was seized from his home early Friday morning, Suffolk police said. James McHugh, 17,…

Nassau to Hold ‘Anonymous Drug Disposal Program’

In what is being billed at the latest effort to combat the heroin epidemic, Nassau County is holding an Anonymous Drug Disposal Program on Sept….

Epic Denial

Not that anyone would know it from taking a look around the packed room at the Heroin Summit in Nassau’s legislative chamber on July 28, but there are still some out there who are trying to distance themselves from the epidemic. Namely, school officials.

Buy Heroin Here

Heroin addicts, especially ones who are less than an hour out of detox, are especially easy prey. People waiting for methadone, a drug used to treat heroin addiction, are targets too. And NUMC has a thriving methadone program, which sees up to 650 people per day. Some people leaving detox never even get past the front doors at NUMC before they have a deal set up.

March of Dropping Dimes

Kids are often punished for texting in school, but Suffolk police are now asking them to make an exception when it comes to anonymously reporting crimes committed by classmates in what is shaping up to be another tool to fight the “stop snitching” sentiment on the streets.