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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

East West is a mash-up of all things counter culture, providing Long Islander’s with the best in footwear, streetwear and lifestyle brands since 1997. From Penfield jackets to vintage Air Jordan’s (yes, re-issues too if you don’t want to break the bank) East West has the perfect gifts for hip folks on your holiday list this year. If you are looking to dress up someone’s wrist this year, why not pick up a limited edition Mr. Cartoon X G-Shock watch.

35 Long Island Restaurants Offering Free Gift Cards

It wasn’t long ago that gift cards had a reputation for being thoughtless, impersonal, last-minute gifts. It also wasn’t long ago that we were wearing neon blue spandex, a side pony tail and singing Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” into a hairbrush. Times change. You can now get a gift card tailored to every personality, for just about anything. And to really get you in the giving mood, many restaurants are offering free additional gift cards for you when you purchase them for someone else—in case you need a little help getting in the giving spirit, or as a reward for being the wonderful, thoughtful person you already are. You’ve probably seen the promotions for Applebees and Outback Steakhouse already—buy so many dollars worth of gift cards, get a bonus card. But there are dozens of local eateries offering the same deals, they just aren’t advertised. Luckily, you don’t have to search them out. We did all the work for you.

Fantastic Plastic

A choice is a wonderful thing to have. This country is built on our freedom to choose, and we live and die by it. The…

Online, Not In Line

One of the greatest conveniences brought on by the Internet has been online shopping. The prospect of rolling out of bed, clad in pajamas, eating…

Last-Minute Hanukkah Gifts

Your old friends from the Linda Shop are now running the show in their new home at Great American Jewelry. So next time you pay them a visit, check out the collectible edition Israeli Defense Force Watch. When timing is everything, and every second counts, this bad boy will have you armed with the finest in Swiss technology, a calendar, alarm and stop watch, all water-resistant up to 330 feet—and it will make you feel like Jack Bauer.

The 2009 Long Island Press Green Holiday Gift Guide

This is really our grown-up Christmas List, but for the sake of keeping our job and not having to take a gig as a mall elf, let’s just call it ‘The 2009 Long Island Press Green Holiday Gift Guide.’