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Mark Zuckerberg: Named Person of the Year by Time

Time magazine named Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the social-networking website Facebook, Person of the Year for 2010 on Wednesday. Zuckerberg, 26, is the youngest…

Ralph Cerullo's Infiniti

Alleged Sayville Wrong-way Driver Faces DWI Charge

An East Setauket man has been arrested for drunken driving…

Teen Shot, Killed in Brentwood Park

A teenager was shot to death in a Brentwood park early Tuesday morning, Suffolk County police said.   Officers responded to Chestnut Street and Freeman…

…And Then He Kissed Me

I can remember my 12th birthday, my first coed party. Everyone decided it would be fun to play “Spin the Bottle.” There I was, in the grass in the corner of my backyard, praying the bottle didn’t spin in my direction. I was completely grossed-out watching my girlfriends swap spit with a bunch of scrawny little boys. After all, I was always told not to share my beverages, saliva carries germs, I could get sick.

A Time For Clemency

About a month ago, I curled up on my favorite recliner with a hot cup of coffee and the Sunday paper. My 6 a.m. ritual—reading the paper quietly before my noisy family wakes up—is a relaxing way to ease into my day. (Well, relaxing as long as there are no articles about Amy Fisher!)

This particular Sunday, as I flipped through the paper, I came across an article called “Seeking Mercy for Mom.” As I started reading, an overwhelming sadness came over me. It was about an elderly woman, Marie La Pinta, trapped in prison for 19 years over a domestic squabble that led to the death of her husband, Michael La Pinta.

Judging Amy

There I was, sitting in class, proud of myself for trying to put my life together and become a benefit to society instead of a pariah. I was 24 and reinventing myself in college with a new name and a different look. It was great to be in this atmosphere, working toward my degree, among 18-year-olds who were on schedule with their lives. They didn’t know who I was; they were just kids back when my face was all over the news.
Every day I sat quietly in that classroom, hiding behind my Jackie O glasses, confident that I wouldn’t be recognized.