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2 Responses to “Masthead”

  1. Cheryl Duncan says:

    Do you report on events happening in East Hampton? If so, could you please let me know who there I should pitch?

  2. Susan Simmans says:

    Are you serious….Little Shelter voted #1….Please do some investigative work into what is truly going on there. Read below, this is what my brother-in-law is having to deal with.

    Every once in a while I need to do a gut check, to make sure this all makes sense. I was doing that this morning, and yeah, the fight makes total sense. Here’s the basic issue:

    ■Butch Cassidy has lived at Little Shelter for almost 4 years. He has been adopted twice, and returned twice. He has bitten several people including a volunteer at Little Shelter.
    ■As a result, Butch has been classified, historically, as a “red dot” dog, meaning that only a few people are allowed to walk him. As a result, if those people aren’t around on any given day, Butch languishes in his kennel longer than almost any other dog. Because of that, he has defecated in his pen from time to time, because he couldn’t hold it anymore. I made a big issue out of this in the past, and the shelter then began monitoring his walks and asking people to record when they took him out, and what he did when he was out. I do not believe that monitoring or record-keeping is in place anymore. I have all the emails related to this issue, back and forth between me and shelter management.
    ■Within the last couple of weeks, Butch has been classified as a “blue dot” dog, for no apparent reason. Blue-dot is even more restrictive than red-dot.
    ■Through it all, Butch has been an amazingly resilient, loving animal, who I bonded with very strongly, mostly through his chain-link fence, but occassionally when a compassionate volunteer or employee would let me accompany them and Butch out on walks. That helped, until shelter management found out I was going along for walks once in a while, and they then shut that down too.
    ■Butch has not been shown to a prospective adopter in, from what I can see, over a year. He’s trapped with no hope for adoption. The one person who came in asking for Butch, was steered by Little Shelter’s Kennel Manager to another dog. That other dog was adopted, and then returned for biting. Everybody lost, especially Butch.
    ■Based on my experience with Spirit Animal Sanctuary in upstate NY, where I took another unadoptable shelter dog to live out his life, I offered to do the same for Butch. I offered to fund any expenses related to the transfer, and to take him there myself. As an added bonus, if Butch could be transferred to Spirit, that would open up a slot at Little Shelter for another dog, perhaps one at a kill-shelter facing euthanasia.
    ■Maryann Chernovsky and David Ceely, the shelter president and executive director respectively, said “no”. Of course, neither David nor Maryann spends one iota of time with Butch, neither has ever walked him, neither really knows him at all. Actually, Butch goes nuts when Maryann’s husband comes into view at the shelter (seldom) and it takes Butch a while to calm down after that. Maryann of course wants nothing to do with Butch, or from what most people who work at the shelter observe, any of the other dogs there for that matter. The shelter president spends no time (or close to it) with the animals at the shelter. Nor does David, the shelter executive director. Does this seem warped? Yeah, because it is.
    ■ALL the staff and volunteers that I know of at Little Shelter support giving Butch his freedom, and can’t understand why Maryann and David are digging their heels in on this, and not following the input of the staff members who actually handle the animals.
    ■Maryann has said that, when space becomes available at their own Little Shelter sanctuary elsewhere in upstate NY, they will send Butch there. They’ve been saying that for over a year. A solution has been staring them in the face for months, and they, because of what appears to be petty politics and petty jealousies, refuse. And to add even more horror to it, they’ve isolated Butch even further by making him a blue dot.
    ■This, for me, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. That the 2 people who know Butch least, have blocked him from freedom and happiness, with no expense to Little Shelter, for no good reason. What are these people doing in the animal rescue field? It makes one wonder.
    So my decision has been to fight them. I’m fighting for Butch and the 9 or 10 other “Lost Dogs of Little Shelter” who are in the same boat as him. And Maryann and David – I’m not going to give up until you come to your senses. This fight has just begun and it’s going to get more intense until you decide to do what’s right for Butch and the other animals at Little Shelter. And know this – nobody supports your position – find me somebody that does and I’ll be happy to hear their position. But I don’t think you’re going to be able to come up with anybody.

    P.S. David, go walk a Kennel 2 dog.

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