Long Island Gas Lines: GasBuddy, Websites Offer Help

Long Island residents continue to wait on huge lines for gas sometimes only to find out, after three hours in line, there is none by the time they get up to the pump.

Now GasBuddy.com, which compiles gas price data by utilizing a network of volunteer spotters, has created a fuel shortage tracker at GasBuddy.com/Sandy to ease that frustration.

The site is similar to GasBuddy.com, which posts gas prices at all the gas stations in one zip code. But instead of prices, the new site compiles real time information on what gas stations in a particular area actually have gas, which ones don’t, and as of what time.


There’s also a spot for you to report the status of gas stations in your area. The more people who participate, the more accurate it is.

Another website, www.longislandgasprices.com, includes not only the cheapest and most expensive gas prices on LI, but now is also noting if those stations have gas or are expecting a gas delivery. Hess is also updating gas delivery information on their website.

People stood in long lines at a Hess gasoline station on Old Country Road in Hicksville late Thursday, Nov. 1 filling gas cans and containers for vehicles and generators. Much of Long Island remained without power nearly a week after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc across the Northeast. (Christopher Twarowski/Long Island Press)

Two Facebook groups are also offering updates on where drivers can quickly find fuel include Open Gas Stations on Long Island and Long Island OPEN Gas Station locator.

Lawmakers have been saying for days that the ports have been reopened and gas shipping terminals have begun distributing again, but with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses served by the Long Island Power Authority still blacked out as of Tuesday night, some stations with gas don’t have the electricity needed to pump it.

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