Police: Ask LIPA Crews for ID Before Residence Entry

The Suffolk County Police Department is reminding residents that crew members from the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and other utility companies will be in neighborhoods throughout the county as they work to restore power to customers but that most of the utility work being performed is outdoors on power lines, utility poles and tree clearance – in most cases, utility crews will not need to enter residences.

“It is unfortunate that natural disasters bring with them ‘quick-buck artists’ who are looking to ply their trade,” Riverhead Town Supervisor, Sean M. Walter said. “We New Yorkers have a pretty good instinct for recognizing nonsense when we hear and see it but slick scam artists do rear their ugly head when people are at their most vulnerable.”

Police say if a homeowner is approached by someone who demands to enter their home and claim that they work for a utility company, residents are encouraged to ask for identification if they become suspicious.


All utility company employees will have photo identification, including out-of-state crews that are working with LIPA.  Also, look for a company logo on the person’s uniform and vehicle.

Anyone who encounters a suspicious person is asked to dial 911 for police response.


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