Politics and Protest: Scenes From the 2012 Hofstra Debate


Socialist Party presidential candidate Stephen Durham described himself as a “socialist and feminist” as he stood among hundreds of protestors listening to speakers from a stage in the “Public Area,” a parking lot outside Hofstra’s Hagedorn Hall. He wore a pink shirt under a blazer and supports open borders, saying “Capital goes back and forth, why not workers?” Durham’s main issue: “The fact that there isn’t a third party here, we, in effect, are excluded. Here I am talking in a parking lot—and I’m a candidate for president!”




Though Hempstead Turnpike was closed to commercial vehicles, Nassau police apparently made no such regulation prohibiting unicycles. A man wearing snow pants who wouldn’t give his name wasn’t here to make a political statement, he said. He just wanted to ride. Maybe he was taking advantage of the light traffic that only comes every four years. “Look, I’m gonna ride now,” he told a reporter before scooting off into the Hempstead sunset rather than answer a question.




A parade of “Jews for Romney” supporters carried signs reading: “Obama…Oy Vey!” and “Romney…It’s a MITT-svah!” A few feet away one of a handful of street vendors sold Obama pins and framed portraits as someone dressed as an 8-foot-tall Bain Capital Monster tipped over in the top-heavy costume and a row of police officers, spaced about 10 feet apart along the turnpike, kept it all from spilling into traffic.



Lakeview resident and Vietnam vet McArthur Wilson hugged his 6-year-old daughter Tasheanna on the corner of California Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike, telling the Press: “This is what I’m fighting for.”



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