B-List B-Day: Alicia “I Really Am Clueless!” Silverstone

Oct. 4, 1976

Alicia Silverstone, a Libra, is an actress best known as the star of ’90s teen flick Clueless and as PETA’s 2004 Sexiest Female Vegetarian.

Libras are symbolized by the scales.


They like balance and keeping things uncomplicated, whether it be by eating a vegan diet, living in an eco-friendly house or, in Silverstone’s case, feeding her son Bear Blu with chewed food from her own mouth.

Silverstone recently wrote to Vladimir Putin regarding Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot, who are currently imprisoned for “hooliganism.”

Yes, that is a real charge.

And no, this one-track-minded Libra didn’t ask for the band’s release—she just put her thumbs together, gave a big “Whateverrr!” and asked that vegan meals be made available to them.


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