Book Review: A Wedding in Great Neck

A Wedding in Great Neck
by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Everything must be perfect for the day of a wedding; it is not only a day for two loving partners but for a family’s celebration as well. However, the binding ties of a family can be strong enough to either make it or break it in A Wedding in Great Neck.

The family of beautiful and accomplished Angelica Silverstein has gathered on Long Island for the fairytale wedding between Angelica and her Israeli fiancé, a former fighter pilot. Angelica is eager to make sure everything goes right on her perfect day. However, conflicts and tensions ensue within the Silverstein clan, threatening her perfect day.


In this book, McDonough gives readers a witty and moving glimpse of this particular family, where conflicting emotions are rampant on this wedding day. But can the family put aside their personal problems for the celebration of their daughter?

The tribulations within this family have unraveled at this crossroad and more than one life will be changed forever before the vows are even said.

McDonough will be speaking about her book, writing, life and answering questions, following a book signing at the Great Neck Library on Sunday, 10.21.

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