Book Review: Tony Danza’s I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had

My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High

By Tony Danza

When we heard Tony Danza wrote a book about his experiences as a school teacher, we figured that was before his days on Who’s the Boss? But it’s wasn’t and that’s what makes this book so great.

In this brutally honest memoir, Tony Danza gives readers a backstage pass to his year teaching high school English in inner-city Philadelphia, a gig he took after being inspired by a documentary made by Teach for America and decided he wanted to give back.


So, three years ago, he did just that: he became a teacher.

Entering Philadelphia’s Northeast High School’s crowded halls in September 2009, Tony found his way to a tenth-grade classroom filled with 26 students who were determined not to cut him any slack.

They cared nothing about his showbiz credentials, and they immediately put him on the hot seat, asking questions like, “Does anyone else think it’s weird that you’re teaching English?” and “Are you nervous—because, your shirt is totally soaked?”

In this book,Tony shares experiences that ranged from the infuriating to the deeply rewarding as he relives his days at the head of the class.



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