Vans Warped Tour 2012: We The Kings

If you weren’t lucky enough to get sandwiched in with thousands of fans rushing the stage as We The Kings performed an awesome cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” the Long Island Press caught up with We The Kings vocalist Travis Clark at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum Saturday for a few questions.

What’s it like traveling with Warped Tour this year?

Travis Clark: I love Warped Tour. It’s like summer camp.  There’s barbecues and music and…sleeping! We have tour buses so I get to hide away from the sun. A lot of people like being in the sun. I like being in the shade. Warped Tour is amazing. You get to hear a lot of new music. You get to hear a lot of music that you grew up listening to. You get to meet incredible people, who aren’t even playing music, like the vendors, the press and production, the crew. There are so many incredible people on this tour that will hopefully be lifelong friends.


What’s the bus ride like, going back and forth constantly?

TC: To be honest, I don’t really experience much of the bus ride. I fall asleep and then I wake up in a new city, so it’s really nice. We have a bus driver who sleeps all day and drives all night. Some of the drives are really cool. I’ll go up and sit in the passenger seat of the bus and just like watch everything. It’s really cool. But it’s such a big bus that it doesn’t even feel like you’re driving. It feels like you’re floating. So we don’t even drive. We float from place to place. It’s definitely insane. It’s non-stop moving and it’s always a party and something crazy happening.

We also have days where, I just want to relax and we chill. We’ll put on music or watch a movie and just sort of hang out.


What’s your favorite song that you’ve written?

TC: Can I pick one from every record? It’s sort of difficult to pick a favorite song.  I don’t have kids because I’m too young but maybe one day…but when I write a song I feel like that’s my kid. There’s so much passion that I have towards it. So it’s kind of like picking favorites between your children. I don’t think parents do that usually. But the song that means the most to me off the first album would probably be “All Again For You.” The song off the second record would be “Rain Falls Down”. The song off the third record would be “Say You Like Me”.

Have you ever been on Long Island?

TC: Yes! My sister lives on Long Beach. She just had her first baby, so I’m a proud uncle now. He’s like a superhero. He’s such a stud. He’s gonna break so many hearts.

Do you surf?

TC: I love surfing. It’s such a great workout, too. You don’t even have to work out. Working out sucks! There are those people who like it, but for the most part, working out sucks.




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