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Jerry’s Ink: Barack Obama’s Winning Commercial

Barack Obama, who hustled a whole nation with his “change” jive, was dancing on the fence of the gay marriage issue up until last week. He was fearful of the opposition of the many black churches who are homophobic and, sadly, not ready to extend the rite of marriage to every man and woman. When it comes to gay marriage, Barack Obama the meek had chosen a strategy that his enablers have sometimes characterized as “leading from behind.”

What frosts me is how Obama refused to take a stand until his Vice President Joe Biden blurted out that he approved of gay marriage and then Obama jumped in with both feet. Naturally the media complimented Obama on his courageous overnight decision. No one mentioned that the day before the Biden statement Obama said he was still “evolving” on the gay marriage issue. The day after the media carried the Joe Biden statement, Obama evolved.

Now I happen to think all politicians lie about everything. But it would be nice if they waited at least three days before they change their positions. And it would be nice if the pro-Obama media at least give their viewers and readers the courtesy of reporting a brazen political flip-flop, the kind that they love to report about Mitt Romney.


So how can my smart Democratic friends possibly be voting for this guy again?

As of now, under his first term in office, we’re going broke. Unemployment is higher than it was when Obama took office and sadly, hundreds of thousands of families are running out of their unemployment benefits. The economy has not come back and consumer confidence in Obama is shrinking fast. We may be heading for a worse recession than Obama inherited in 2008. Egypt, Syria, Libya and the rest of Middle East is now up for grabs.

To avoid wasting time and to give you a preview of Obama’s presidential campaign, let’s start with the Democrat blame game:

  1. It is all George W. Bush’s fault.
  2. It is all the fault of the lazy incompetent Congress. Even during the two years when Democrats and Barack Obama controlled the House and the Senate.
  3. It is the fault of the rich, who won’t pay their “fair share” of taxes.
  4. It is the fault of the large corporations.
  5. It is the fault of Fox News.
  6. It is the fault of the greedy oil companies.
  7. Occupy Wall Street is right. It is the fault of the banks and Goldman Sachs.

And now, because I’m such a nice guy, I’m going to give Barack Obama a commercial he can run that will have his supporters rushing to cast their votes for him.


Commercial starts with music: “America the Beautiful.” Close-up of Barack Obama looking confident.

Voice-over: “He led the charge and got Osama Bin Laden.” (Cut to a picture of Osama Bin Laden.)

VO: “He saved us from the greatest recession since 1929.” (Cut to a close-up of Obama signing his trillion-dollar stimulus bill.)

VO: “He stopped the oil companies from drilling and killing all the wildlife.” (Cut to a picture of bird covered with oil.)

VO: “He fought for clean air.” (Cut to a picture of black smoke coming out of a factory chimney.)

VO: “He courageously always stood up for the rights of gays to get married.” (Cut to a wedding ceremony of two happy young men.)

VO: “He passed the first Health Care bill.” (Cut to a little boy being examined by a doctor who seems happy to work for the state for nothing.)

VO: “But most of all … he is not Mitt Romney.”


Democrats have demonized Romney, even though he knows more about spurring on business and creating jobs than Obama will ever know. Although in 2008 many Republicans crossed party lines and voted for Obama, a Democrat will never vote for a Republican. Some of the smartest people I know who are Democrats would vote for Dennis Kucinich for president before they would vote for a Republican, any Republican…and that includes Abraham Lincoln.

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