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‘Richmond Eagle Cam’ Baby Chick Wounded (Video)

Eaglet Rivalry


People love the “Decorah Eagle Cam,” but the Iowa eagles are not the only ones having babies. Two of the Richmond eaglets may be facing an imminent death later this week, according to The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

With over 70,000 views, the “Richmond Eagle Cam” has much more actions going on. Unlike the “Decorah Eagle Cam,” you can actually see the Richmond chicks can be seen moving around!


Sadly, one of the chicks has had a large wound on its back since Monday, due to its sibling picking at him/her. To make matters worse for the chicks,  the parents Virginia and James are having a hard time finding food to feed their family.

“I think it’s pretty clear this pair is struggling to meet the demand,” said eagle expert Bryan Watts.

Even still, the eaglets are in pretty good health, Watts said. “As I see it right now, I think there’s every chance that both of these chicks will survive.”

The first few weeks are an imperative time for the eagle chicks. Though one of the chicks is wounded, the bigger obstacle is to not die of starvation. Since the Richmond chicks first pipped around March 16 and 18 they still have some time to go before they are in the clear.

Some people are no longer watching the Richmond eagle cam because they are so upset with the bigger eaglet’s attacks on the little chick, according to Barbara Slatcher who is a volunteer who coordinates the Eagle Cam. Viewers are claiming the attacks are “heartbreaking.”

“We’re telling people it’s a difficult time to watch, and you might want to come back later.”

Usually eaglets are not so aggressive towards each other. Watts says he has never seen a baby eagle brutally attack a sibling eaglet in this manner.

“I don’t have any experience with this level of aggression,” said Watts, director of the conservation center.

Even though it’s going to be hard to watch the aggression unfold through the Eagle Cam, Watts admits that there is a positive point. We can learn more about the nature of eagles.

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