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Help Free Ronald Bower: Write A Letter Supporting His Parole

Anguish, personified: (l) Ronald Bower’s 81-year-old mother, Margaret, holds a photo of her imprisoned son as his brother, Steven, watches over her. (r) Ronald Bower in July 2004, behind bars, serving part of his 18- to 54-year sentence.

Hello everyone.

Ronald Bower, the Queens father of two who has spent the last 20-plus years behind bars for crimes mounting evidence proves he did not commit (the subject of several Long Island Press cover stories), is once again up for parole, this week. While it is a long shot—since he continues to profess his innocence and refuses to participate in mandated programs constituting an admission of guilt, for just one reason—letters of support to the New York State Parole Board do have considerable weight on the ultimate decision.


So, we figured we’d send this link to you all. If you have 10 seconds and feel like helping get an innocent man out of prison, he and his tortured family would Greatly appreciate it. (Our last story reconnected him with his youngest daughter, who was just 3 years old at the time of his incarceration. She’s now in her early 20s and just had her own child. She and her father had been estranged all her life.) Bower’s DIN# is 93A9129—you’ll need to include this in a required field on the online form below:


The April 28, 2011 cover story of the Long Island Press, which details the plight of Queens father of two Ronald Bower, imprisoned for crimes many--including an unlikely team of federal and state law enforcement officials--believe he did not commit.

Here’s a template in case you don’t know what to say—feel free to cut and paste:

This letter is in support of parole for Ronald Bower, DIN#: 93A9129, currently an inmate at Clinton Correctional Facility.

Mounting evidence concludes that Mr. Bower is innocent of the crimes he has been imprisoned for. His parole, therefore, is not merely merited, but a necessity of justice.

Please grant Mr. Bower parole.


Read the latest story about Ronald Bower, “Twenty Years of Torture”:


Join the Free Ronald Bower Facebook Page:

Bower and his family thank you.

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