Letter From The Publisher: We Humans Are Nothing If Not Resourceful

While Mother Nature tests the mettle of Long Islanders, we press on. Mind you, it hasn’t been easy. And although it is in our DNA to complain about inconveniences, most people I have come across have remained stoic in the face of the challenges presented by Irene. Stories of power outages and hardships will mostly fade when claims are settled and power is fully restored, save for a few whoppers that will be embellished over time for the benefit of our children.

Many members of the Long Island Press staff faced difficult obstacles; every one came through with flying colors. Our offices, on the other hand, didn’t fare as well, as I write this to you from a satellite location. It became evident that the office building that houses the Press was not going to come back online in time for us to publish the Press this week. Our reliance upon technology is never more apparent than during the complete absence of it.


You are reading these words now due to the tenacity of my staff and the heroics of our IT company, Sandwire. On Tuesday morning our Associate Publisher, Beverly Fortune, contacted Adam Schwam, President of Sandwire, and explained to him our predicament. Within hours we “bugged out” like an episode of M*A*S*H and were working remotely. The Sandwire staff is unparalleled.

For the better part of 15 years I have been a friend and client of Adam Schwam. For those of you who know him, you undoubtedly know why. His energy knows no limits and his loyalty and generosity are unmatched. He has seen my organization through thick and thin, ups and downs; so much so that his response to our predicament came as no surprise to me. Frankly, his dedication is so consistent I am guilty at times of taking it for granted.

Not today.

If you enjoy the Press as much as we love creating it every week, I hope you will join me in quietly thanking Adam, to whom this issue is dedicated. And if you or your company is ever in need of incomparable IT service, accept this as a wholehearted recommendation of Sandwire.

(Originally published in Long Island Press print edition, Volume 9, Issue 35)

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