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Woman Finds Cat After Tornado While Reporter Films Story: Video

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According to the Huffington Post, Judy Pugh was in her Tuscaloosa, Alabama home when a massive tornado — one of many to devastate the region-ripped through her neighborhood on April 27. In the video, Pugh tells CBS42 News how a wall pinned her to ground and the tornado ripped her roof right off of her house.

According to WFAA, Pugh rushed to her hallway with her three cats when she saw debris spinning in the air and ducked for cover and a wall fell on top of her, saving her from being blown away.


While filming, she told the reporter that two of her three cats survived. She said she still has hope to find the third. And as she shows the reporter around her house, or what’s left of it- a few cupboards and strangely enough a few glass cups, she makes an amazing discovery- her third cat appears.

“Come see your mama!” she screams, overjoyed at her discovery. “Honey, you probably don’t weigh two pounds.” She went on to say, “I have everything I want now.”

The white cat named Katie makes an appearance after being thought dead for almost a month. After hugging the cat for a while, she calls her loved ones to share the good news.

“I’ve got Katie,” Pugh screamed into the phone. “I wish she could talk and she could tell me where she’s been!”

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