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After 3 More Bodies Found at Beach, Search Continues

An arrow pointing to where the fifth body was found on Ocean Parkway (Long Island Press; April 3, 2011)

Dozens of law enforcement vehicles, including a mobile crime lab, K-9 unit cars and medical examiner office vans lined a 500-foot stretch of the westbound Ocean Parkway late into Monday evening.

Once again the normally dark highway was lit up with high-powered portable spotlights and a group of men in black trench coats stood roadside staring into the brush, while nearly a dozen news organizations waited down the road in an Oak Beach parking lot for any updates from police.


Those updates never came Monday night, following the discovery of three more bodies earlier in the day, bringing the total number of bodies found on Ocean Parkway since December 2010 to eight. All of the bodies, so far, have been found east of Tobay Beach.

“We haven’t given up the search,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said at a press conference earlier on Monday.

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This stretch of Ocean Parkway remained closed through the night as police continued searching for more victims, including Shannan Gilbert, who has not yet been identified as being among the latest finds at the beach.

“We’re looking into Shannan Gilbert as one of the remains,” said Dormer.

The 24-year-old Jersey City woman was last seen screaming and running into the brush after meeting a client in Oak Beach on May 1, 2010. A neighbor in the seaside community soon after saw a man in an SUV come looking for her.

More than 20 police academy recruits, three K-9 units, the marine bureau, multiple fire departments, New York State police, a police helicopter and emergency services units are involved in the latest search, which will continue on Tuesday.

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