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Meat Loaf Celebrity Apprentice Meltdown Video

The Meat Loaf Meltdown

Wow. Wondering what the post-Charlie Sheen definition of “epic” will be?


This is it.

Meat Loaf, currently starring on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice, had a major meltdown on Sunday night’s episode because he thought fellow contestant Gary Busey took his art supplies.

“I am the last person in the f*cking world you ever f*cking want to f*ck with!” Meat Loaf screamed at Busey.

Of course, Busey just sat there and remained in a state of otherworldly calm which, no doubt, must have only irritated Meat Loaf even more.

The best part?

Even after he gets his art supplies back, which Busey didn’t actually steal, Meat Loaf still doesn’t stop his tirade and just keeps on screaming.

Watch all the drama…over art supplies…below.

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