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Britney Spears on Good Morning America: Video

Britney Spears performed on Good Morning America this week, announced her tour with Enrique Iglesias, before he pulled out, and was on her way to get ready for her tickets-starting-at-$96-tour. But with all the Enrique hoopla we never really got to really sit down and watch Britney’s comeback videos.

Spears seems to have her life together, but she doesn’t have the spark and passion she once did on stage. Her Good Morning America performance was lacking in the dancing area, at least compared to what she used to be able to do. Maybe she has some kind of injury she’s not talking about? The girl is only 29 years old, so it’s not just that she’s gotten older. Something is missing.


That said, we’re not hating on Britney, we’re glad she’s somewhat back to her old self. We just don’t get what happened to that great dancer that used to kill it on stage.

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