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April Fools Day Pranks: Best April Fools Pranks for the Office

April Fools Day is almost upon us and it falls on a Friday this year. So, what better way to end your week and make the day go by a little faster than by pranking your colleagues?

Our favorite April Fools Day prank thus far has been The Key Change.

If you have someone in your office who can’t type very well and relies on looking down at the keyboard to type, take two of the keys, preferably from the bottom row that are unlikely to be noticed if they are moved and switch them. We did this to one poor sales guy a few years back named Nick and every time he went to sign his name, he kept on typing Sick. It took him a good hour to figure it out.


May we also suggest the toilet papering of the desk…self-explanatory.

Or change the screen saver on your co-worker’s screen saver to wrap around text and type in something embarrassing.

Or tape the receiver button down in your co-worker’s phone, so every time it rings and they answer it, it doesn’t actually pick up.

Or try the Bubble Wrap Toilet. Roll up some spare bubble wrap and insert it under the toilet seat…also self-explanatory.

Cell Phone in the Ceiling Prank: Or when the person gets up take their cell phone and put it in the ceiling tile if you have one of those kind of ceilings, and repeatedly call it. Or simply just take one of the classic pranks from The Office and put your coworkers stapler in a block of Jell-O. And if you can get away with it, move the person’s entire desk into the bathroom.

Last but not least, photo copy one side of a $50 bill, cut it out neatly and fold it, gluing the unprinted sides together (you don’t want to get arrested for forged bills here). When the glue is dry, simply fold the fake bill a few times as though it fell out of someone’s pocket, leave it in the hallway and watch all your helpless victims as they pass, smile widely grab it, turn red, drop it and pretend like nothing ever happened.

What is your best April Fools Day Prank?

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