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Petite Lap Giraffes : Think DirecTV Commercial!

Direct TV Commercial (Screen Shot)

First tiny dogs, then tiny pigs and now tiny giraffes?

Update: Are Petite Lap Giraffes real?


Who could possibly forget those hilarious DirecTV commercials featuring a tiny giraffe, well lucky for usĀ Petite Lap Giraffe has created a site dedicated to them and we can even watch them live!

The site,, describes them as, “Petite Lap Giraffes are very funny animals that require special care. They need lots of love. Hugs and kisses every day. Otherwise they make tears.”

The site goes on to say that the animals do not bite, are very clean, love being indoors in filtered air conditioning and listen to music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov! Oh and they need a bubble bath once a week with purified water.

The best part? Also on the website is a Giraffe-Cam, that lets viewers see into the life of these petite giraffes as they do everything from play to sleep.

Right now, Petite Lap Giraffe of Sokoblovsky Farms in Russia, “the best and only breeders of Petite Lap Giraffes,” boasts three little friends: The Bull Vladimir, Cow Raina and Cow Svetlana.

If you don’t remember, now really, how could you forget?, these little guys were the stars of this Direct TV commercial.

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