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YouTube Video Of Japan Tsunami

Picture courtesy: Associated Press

Shocking footage of the tsunami has popped up on YouTube. The footage shows the horrifying waters washing everything from cars to homes away. It was taken by a bystander witnessing the tsunami from a building.

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The tsunami that hit Japan Friday was caused by an earthquake that hit Japan last week. The earthquake was recorded at 9.0 Magnitude becoming the strongest Japan has ever recorded. The subsequent tsunami wreaked havoc on the north east region of Japan leaving over 3,300 dead.


The tsunami was felt around the world leaving evacuations of dozens of places including the Philippines and Hawaii. The United States West Coast of Crescent City, California even felt the wrath of the tsunami hours later where dozens of boats were destroyed.

Last week’s events have caused a nuclear emergency. Saturday, a nuclear plant in Japan exploded after cooling systems failed. Today, another nuclear plant is causing unhealthy radiation and is being dealt with at this time.

The video’s description reads, “This is the full raw footage filmed by some Japanese people on friday March 11th, 2011, during the tsunami which occured in northern Japan, following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.
According to the video, it was filmed in the Miyagi Prefecture (宮城) in the city of Kesennuma (気仙沼市) which has 74,000 inhabitants.”

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