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Basketball Wives : Basketball Wives Season Finale Brawl

Last night was the season finale of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” and it got heated.

Firecrackers Evelyn and Tami went head to head or punch for punch as Evelyn revealed a juicy secret.

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As the episode started Evelyn visited her boyfriend NFL player, Chad Ochocinco and steamed up the screen in lingerie! But as the episode unraveled all smiles turned to frowns as Tami teared up for the camera’s thanking Evelyn for her friendship throughout the season.


But as soon as Tami went to the bathroom, Evelyn let the cat out of the bag and revealed to the rest of the cast she has dated Tami’s husband while they were still married. The show’s matriarch, Shawnee O’Neil advised Evelyn to tell Tami and once she was persuaded, Evelyn approached Tami to tell her the truth.

Evelyn couldn’t have chosen worse timing, Tami, embarrassed after revealing her friendly feelings for Evelyn, took swings at her “friend,” as she tried to tell of her relationship with Tami’s ex.

“I didn’t know he was married,” Evelyn declared. Tami wasn’t having it and the two erupted into a cat fight that was broken up by the rest of the cast and cameramen standing by.

Tami responded via Twitter after the episode wrapped,

“My thing is- I don’t care that @EvelynLozada slept w/Kenny- WHO DIDN’T. I was more concerned about the friendship I thought we were developing.” Tami went on to tweet, “Truth is being round @EvelynLozada she cool ppl- i like her but I wouldve liked 2make that decision even w/knowing the truth- without secrets.”

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