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Jerry’s Ink: And The Next President Is???

To begin with, I want to assure everyone reading this that I am still a Republican. It’s amazing how many people get bent out of shape when one writes what they believe is the truth, instead of falling on their sword and following the party line.

Barack Obama will be re-elected President in 2012.

It doesn’t matter if the unemployment rate is 10 percent.


It doesn’t matter if we have lost the Middle East and Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are in control of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

It doesn’t matter if Obama is still refusing to drill and gas costs 20 bucks a gallon.

It doesn’t matter that by 2012 we may be so broke as a nation that we will be reduced to borrowing money from Costa Rica to keep the lights on in this country.

Even with all that baggage, nothing will keep Barack Obama from being re-elected in 2012.

Just look at the numbers. Obama has 95 percent of the black vote, 75 percent, maybe 80 percent, of the Hispanic vote, 100 percent of the teachers’ union vote. He has the votes of your college-age sons and daughters.

How about the liberal vote? Yes, liberals are disappointed that Obama’s “redistribution of wealth” agenda is moving too slowly, and that he’s been a timid, aloof President in so many ways. But come the election, liberals will go out and vote for him at the drop of a “Yes We Can.”

And let’s not forget the largest bloc of all, the sizable vote of Democrats who only vote Democratic in elections.

I and a number of Republicans I have known have crossed party lines in the past to vote for the best candidate.

True Independents cross party lines all the time.

True Democrats? Never.

It is safe to say that if Muammar el-Qaddafi escaped from Libya and came to the United States and decided to run for President as a Democrat in 2016, he would receive an endorsement from The New York Times. He would easily carry New York and California. And Mayor Rahm Emanuel would find enough votes in Chicago cemeteries to enable him to deliver Illinois to el-Qaddafi.

Throw in “sure thing” Democratic states like Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, Delaware, Vermont, Oregon and Washington and the United States will have the first President who wears a dress (albeit he’s a male) in its history.

If Muammar el-Qaddafi won, we wouldn’t have a President who wears pants until Hillary wins in 2022.

So what should Republicans do? Make sure we don’t field a candidate who is so bad we lose most of the Independent votes, give up the House and have that witch Nancy Pelosi destroy what’s left of the country.

Forget Sarah Palin. She’s beautiful, terrific and would be a stronger more decisive President than Obama is and his hero Jimmy Carter, was. She can’t win.

Her problem is Democrats have indelibly slimed her. She has not survived the Democratic meat grinder. They hit her with the “Dumb” label early and have the American public forgetting that she easily bested the “Brilliant” Joe Biden in the Vice Presidential debate.

Calling a Republican Presidential candidate dumb is a very successful Democratic gambit that has been aided and abetted by Hollywood and the news media.

Want to see how it works? Let’s look at the last ten Presidents.

Eisenhower (Republican) was called “Dumb and Lazy and Only Interested in Golf.”

Kennedy (Democrat) was called “Brilliant.”

Johnson (Democrat) was called “Brilliant.”

Nixon (Republican) was called “Drunk, Dumb and Conniving.”

Ford (Republican) was called “Dumb” (and he was).

Carter (Democrat) was called “The Most Intelligent President in History.”

Reagan (Republican) was called “Dumb and Clueless.”

George H.W. Bush (Republican) was called “Dumb.”

Bill Clinton (Democrat) was called “Brilliant.”

George W. Bush (Republican) was called “Dumb.”

Barack Obama is “Brilliant.”

So whom would I vote for?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

He sneaked up on Democrats and has achieved so much in such a short time that Democrats can’t hang the “Dumb” label on him.

How smart is Christie? So smart that he has no intention of losing to Barack Obama in 2012. He won’t run.

Pity, as I see it the only thing that can keep him from being a great Republican president – if the nation survives Obama – is Christie’s weight.

He’s fat, too fat.

I would vote for him in a heartbeat but he’s just so fat that he looks like he didn’t just beat Jon Corzine for Governor of N.J. He looks like he ate Jon Corzine.

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