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Black Swan Shooting: Man Shot Dead For Eating Popcorn Too Loudly

A man was shot and killed at a Latvian movie theater after reportedly eating his popcorn “too loudly” during a screen of Black Swan.

According to police, they had arrested a 27-year-old man who was suspected of shooting a 42-year-old fellow audience member. The 42-year-old man later died of his wounds.

The Baltic’s State police revealed that the conflict arose as the credits rolled during a screen of the Oscar-nominated film “Black Swan.”


Witnesses explained to the Latvian news agency, Leta, that the altercation was a result of how loudly the deceased man ate his popcorn.

In Latvia, one of the European Union nations, gun-crime is rare among its 2.2 million citizens.

The shooting took place on Saturday evening at the central multiplex cinema in the Riga, the Latvian capital, at the end of the psychological thriller about a ballerina who suffers from a mental breakdown while succumbing to pressure to preform perfectly.

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