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Anna Benson: Scandalous Baseball Husband and Wife to Retire

On Monday, 36-year-old MLB pitcher, who previously pitched for the New York Mets, Kris Benson told Fox Sports’ Jon Morosi that he will be retiring. That means Benson’s outspoken wife Anna Benson will be retiring from her job outshining her average-athlete husband with her scandalous photos and shocking remarks.

Best known for being named “Baseball’s Sexiest Wife” by FHM and having played in the 2005 World Series of Poker, it’s her outrageous comments and her revealing work as a “model” that got the 34-year-old so much attention. The Atlanta, Georgia native’s time in the spotlight might be over but any attempt to keep her fleeting fame would be no surprise. The trophy wife is remembered to have upset several players and higher ups in the industry with offensive remarks such as her antagonistic remarks towards sports talk show host Jim Rome.

“For a year-and-a-half,  [Jim Rome]‘s been saying my 15 minutes of fame is up, butt I’m still here. If he’s going to sit there and run his mouth off about me, atleast have me on the show so I can defend myself. He’s a little chicken shit. I’ll go on your show anytime, Jim. I’ll wear flats. I can’t wait to have a show, so I can have him come on as my guest. Ill have a highchair there for you, Jim.


She has also been quoted several times on her unusual punishment for Kris if he ever cheated:

“I told him, cheat on me all you want. If you get caught, I’m going to screw everybody on your entire team. Coaches, trainers, players. I would do everybody on his whole team. Everybody would get a turn. If my husband cheated on me and embarrassed me like that, I will embarrass him more than he could ever imagine”.

But Anna is best known to be particularly generous in sharing intimate details of her and Kris’ sex life:

“We haven’t had sex in Shea yet. We’ve done Three Rivers, PNC Park and the Pirates’ spring-training camp”.

and even spoke about their holiday gifts,

“…for Christmas, I gave him (husband Kris) pictures of me naked in his jersey. He was thrilled. Any guy who gets naked pictures of his girl will lose it. Baseball has the hottest uniforms. I love their tight pants.”

Anna had a difficult early life. She reportedly used to be a stripper and was generally known to be  a wild party girl, who often drank excessively. Anna, who was named “Baseball’s Sexiest Wife” by FHM, has gone from a local loud-mouth of the Pittsburg area where her husband pitched for five seasons to a nationally recognized personality in the sports world. The baseball world is most likely very happy to see Anna bow out of the spotlight, at least for now.

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