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Heat Generating Clothing

With the winter solstice today, Dec. 21, the first day of winter has arrived and it seems like the chilly weather has been awaiting its arrival. The cold is sure to only get more and more ferocious as the winter creeps towards the end of the month into the new year. With the frigid bite of winter and the potential for snowfall upon us the search for our thickest, warmest sweaters has become  a top priority. But all the bulk and layers of those warm heavy fabrics really way you down, and aren’t the most flattering for the figure. Thankfully Uniqlo, a Japanese retail store in SoHo provides a Heat Tech line of clothing that  generates heat to help you stay warm while looking fashionable at the same time.

“In the wintertime, generally people like to warm up more and more, and as a result, people become really bulky,” Uniqlo’s manager for global marketing and communications Aoi Matsumoto told The New York Times. “We thought we’d like to make people feel comfortable. If we warm up closer to the skin, people can actually enjoy fashion.”


According to The New York times, the trendy SoHo shop offers several different, high-tech garments that use special fibers and air pockets to trap natural body heat. Originally only selling basic tops and tights, the company has expanded the line this year to include leggings, mufflers, hats and even skinny jeans. Uniqlo ha sold 100 million Heattech items world-wide since 2003.

Uniqlo is not the only one selling heat-technology clothing. WarmX, a family run German-based business who’s clothing have silver threads woven into the fabric that generates heat along the threads and into the clothing when hooked up to a battery pack. Brookstone also offers a collection of jackets and fleeces in their”Cold Weather Gear” line that have “built-in heating”. The heat is generated by thin, battery-powered heat bundles that can reach 113 degrees and last up to five hours.

Uniqlo’s collection, however seems like the most reasonably priced, ($39.90 for jeans and $19.90 for a shirt compared to $433.50 for a shirt equipped with battery pack) and the most convenient of the three, as it requires no battery pack or bundles. Unlike the other two lines Uniqlo does not give you an obvious enhanced temperature, it simply promises to keep you warm which ultimately is the best choice as it will help you stay warm but prevents you from overheating. The styles are also simple basics that can be integrated into your wardrobe with ease.

To see styles from Uniqlo visit their website at

To see styles from Warm X visit their website at

To see styles from Brookstone visit their website at

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