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Zoos Unite to Save Endangered Apes

Planet for the Apes

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Ape Taxon Advisory Group has just announced a new campaign to secure a future for one of the planet’s most endangered king kongs.

“As leaders in wildlife conservation, AZA-accredited zoos are dedicated to the protection of these intelligent and charismatic animals,” said Dr. Tara Stoinski, Ape TAG chair.

The future for apes looks exceedingly grim, from chimps to gorillas the steady decline has projected that some ape species will be extinct in as soon as 20 years.


The Ape TAG Conservation Initiative, supported by nearly 40 zoos, will fund 8 field conservation projects, one for each of the great ape species and two for gibbons and siamangs.

The 8 projects will also shoot to increase the number of zoos contributing to projects in the wild, strengthen support for local education and law enforcement in wile apes native lands and provides zoos with resources to demonstrate their commitment to saving apes.

Photo Credits:Photo by HUTAN/Dzulirwan @ Jolirwan bin Takasi

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