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Uwe Gemballa’s Killer Found, Tried?

Uwe Gemballa, CEO of Porsche tuner Gemballa, was found dead in South Africa last month.

A new report suggests Uwe Gemballa’s killer has been found and tried.

Gemballa, CEO of the Porsche tuning house bearing his name, took a plane ride to South Africa in February of this year and wasn’t heard from or seen until a month ago, when his body turned up in the country.


Now, a report from Times LIVE claims the man responsible for Gemballa’s death, Thabiso Mpshe, was arrested Friday, Oct. 29 and, after appearing before a jury in the Johannesburg High Court, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder.

The New Zealand outlet also quotes police spokesman Colonel Vishnu Naidoo saying the cause of death appeared to be suffocation. Previously, it was believed Gemballa was murdered, shot in the back of the head executioner-style.

With the arrest and sentencing happening within a 24-hour time span, this marks a strange finish to a strange case.

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