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Florence and the Machine Assemble on Terminal 5

Monday 11.1 and Tuesday 11.2
Florence and the Machine @ Terminal 5
610 W. 56th St. 212-582-6600. $29.50-$34.50. 6:30 p.m.
with Smith Westerns and Hanni El Khatib

OK, let’s get it out of the way—Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” was in the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love. While Julia Roberts globetrotted, had tons of sex with Javier Bardem and ate carbs (OH NO, NOT CARBS!), viewers got to hear the terrific album-opener from Florence Welch and Co.’s debut album, Lungs. And hell, if I was going to go binge on gelato and European men, Welch’s genre-straddling voice and the Machine’s cavalcade of instruments—harp, flute, violin—would be a great soundtrack. But Florence and the Machine were great before that trailer, and frankly, are better than it. Lungs, as a debut album, sounds like a group more confident in its sound than most bands several releases in. Released in July, 2009, it hit No. 1 on the UK Billboard charts in January of this year and is one of 2010’s best-selling albums. So don’t be surprised when Eat, Pray, Love is taking up space in the DVD bargain bin and Florence is still getting play.


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