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Lady Gaga, Snooki: Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2010

Snooki or Lady Gaga, who would you rather be?

Forget ghosts and witches, and all those sexy emo vampires. This Halloween, it’s all about the stars–and Snooki.

The most popular costume for 2010, by far, is Lady Gaga, and Rubies, a Long Island based costume company has obtained the sole rights to produce the official Lady Gaga costume line, which will be sold in pretty much every Halloween store you can find this season.


Pictures: Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore costumes

Coming in a close second, are Jersey Shore cast member costumes, namely Snooki and Pauly D.

Pictures: The Best Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

That’s right, kids.

You can be the proud owner of your very own Snooki Poof or Perfect Gel Pauly D wig.

Pictures: The 20 Most Adorable Baby Costumes

It’s Christmas come early.

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