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Boulder Fire: Fire in Boulder, Colorado

Evacuations have begun along the western side of Boulder today as a result of two wildfires that struck up suddenly.  The homes of 1700 people so far have been affected.

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As the notice just came this morning, many professionals had to leave their jobs to gather valuables from home and head elsewhere.


The Boulder county sheriff says this is all strictly precautionary, as no homes have been directly damaged  (the fires cover 20 acres of public open space land). With enough wind, though, the situation could become severe.

The two wildfires from today are nearer to Boulder than the one that destroyed over 160 houses in September, which, in terms of property damage, was the most destructive wildfire in the history of Colorado.  Fire officials, however, claim that as the wind this month is much calmer, these fires are not as dangerous as the September fire.

Fire fighters are working to contain the blaze both manually and with fire retardant dropped from an air-tanker.

A firefighting aircraft drop slurry on a wildfire in the foothills west of Boulder, Colo., on Friday, Oct. 29, 2010.(AP Photo/ Ed Andrieski)

Authorities are uncertain how the first fire began, though they believe the second was sparked by embers from the first.

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