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Best of L.I. 2011: Nothing But the Best

The Best of L.I., from favorite categories to winning votes

“Nothing but the best is good enough for me,” sings Frank Sinatra, and most people feel the exact same way. While word of mouth is one way to find out what the best is, without a trusted source, that answer could be chalked up to a mere opinion and, even worse, a bad one. Who wants that? What people do want is a concrete answer and the Long Island Press’ Best of L.I. provides just that. It gives people exactly what they need to live life the best way they can, just like Sinatra.

Settling for less is no longer an option when equipped with the knowledge of who is top dog. From the best bagels to the best bowling alley, it’s hard to decide where to look first. So what are the most vital categories to Long Islanders? Coffee is definitely the most important category to many.


“I can’t function without a good cup in the morning,” says Jodi Wells of Syosset. “I have taste-tested some of the nominees that I had never heard of before. I never knew that such good coffee was out there and now I know where to go for a great cup.” And she’s got her pick for the best: “Classy Coffee in Huntington is my favorite.”

Although finding a perfect cup to perk up your day is important, a more serious category is cosmetic surgery. To many people, the simple thought of cosmetic surgery is scary, and choosing the right surgeon is even scarier. The choice is crucial and without a good surgeon, someone may end up looking like a bad version of Heidi Montag of the hit MTV show The Hills.

“Picking a plastic surgeon is not something to fool around with. It’s the most important category because if I am looking to get something in the future, I need someone I can depend on to get the best results,” says Jean Moglia of Glen Cove. “The Best of L.I. gives a great advantage. I can’t wait to see the winners’ names and save them in case one day I need that little tweak.”

She is very particular about voting in this category because she doesn’t want to give bad advice. “I only trust people that I see have very great results,” she says.

Last year’s winner in the Best Cosmetic Surgeon category, Dr. Steven Greenberg, continued to substantiate his hold on the prize when he gained Jersey Shore star Jenni “J-Woww” Farley as a new client. For this year’s vote he used his new Facebook page to spread the word. His latest post reads: “Hey would you guys mind voting for me Dr. Greenberg for Long Island’s best cosmetic surgeon?”

With a great coffee and a great look thanks to the best cosmetic surgeon the only thing left is a great date. Knowing a romantic dinner location like Prime in Huntington is the most important category to a number of people. What could be more romantic than overlooking the beautiful water while you dine with a special person? “The view alone will win over voters,” says Joseph Odumewu of Greenvale.

For first-time daters especially, the romantic dinner category is most important because a good first impression is everything. Hopefully it leaves a lasting one—for a good reason.

“Romantic dinner is definitely the most important category for young guys like me,” says Odumewu. “First dates especially need the “wow” factor because it is a make-or-break date for a possible relationship. Last year I cut out the romantic dinner winners and used them as my secret weapons. This year I am going to vote for which one worked for me.”

No longer on the market, he may have to look at a new category as most important: best jewelry store!

The Best of L.I., the list that even Frank Sinatra would approve of, is a great resource for everybody. It gives people exactly what they want and need to know for whatever category means the most to them.

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