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Josh Luchs: Sports Illustrated Tell All

"Ohh I hope she does 'Nasty Boys'!"(AP Photo/Chris Gardner)

Josh Luchs was a sports agent. He arraigned meetings, advised players and brokered deals.

He also violated NCAA rules and paid more than 30 college football athletes. Or so he claims in a tell-all interview with Sports Illustrated.


“Do I regret doing it? No, not necessarily,” Luchs said this morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning. “I didn’t give guys money so they could go out and buy watches and cars. A lot of these guys came from a place where they were being thrust into these big schools and these environments, and a lot of people around them, some of them at private schools, the people around them have money, the people around them are going out and enjoying themselves and enjoying the college experience, and a lot of these kids didn’t even have enough money to buy groceries. I’m not trying to paint myself as Mother Teresa, but clearly, at least in my case, the money served a purpose.”

But we’re not just talking groceries—Luchs admits to bailing out former New England Patriot Bruce Walker from prison and scoring a ticket to a Janet Jackson concert for former Baltimore Raven Jonathan Ogden.

It’s highly unlikely Luchs is the only guy who has bought Janet Jackson tickets for someone (she’s got a great live show, after all), but hitting the front page of SI is sure to make some people question the ethics of the sports world. Again.

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