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Columbus Day 2010: Columbus Day Facts (And Gossip)

Happy Columbus Day!

Monday is Columbus Day, a day everyone, except us, has off. But we’re not bitter! Instead we’ve compiled a list of little known facts you should know all about the man of the day.

1.      Christopher Columbus’ name is not Christopher Columbus. It is Chrisoffa Corombo. Christopher Columbus is the English translation of sorts.


2.      The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria were not the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. Well, the Pinta was but the Nina was a nickname for the Santa Clara and the Santa Maria was known as the Gallega.

3.      While Columbus is considered a hero in the U.S., Spain and Italy, he was not well-known during his life.

4.      Christopher Columbus never actually set foot on U.S. soil. He landed on an island in the Bahamas.

5.      Columbus began sailing at the age of 14.

6.      It was not Columbus’ idea to sail across the ocean. It was his brother, Bartholomew’s idea.

7.      Columbus had 23 people testify against him, charging him with atrocities and cruelty, while he was governor of the colony Hispaniola.

8.      Columbus was an opium addict, the same drug used in producing modern-day heroin.

9.      There is genetic evidence that Columbus and his men brought the sexually transmitted disease Syphilis to Europe.

10.  No one knows what Columbus really looked like. Paintings depicting Columbus are not based on his actual looks.

Happy Columbus Day!

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