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Letters to the Press: For the Week of Oct. 7 – Oct. 13

French Fried

Fire Sarkozy [“The Pink Slip,” Sept. 22]? Have you lost your mind? France takes in the dregs of Earth and they find it a hardship to follow the rules of society? Anyone can wear a burqua (a man), pull a stick up or a murder and golly gee, no one knows what the perpetrator looks like! All because the French have to adhere to “their culture” that is not a “culture.” It’s a cult. As for your not being able to wear your FBI shirt—tsk tsk, what a rotten shame.

Bernard Rosenberg, Oceanside


Thanks for the News

I just wanted to thank Long Island Press for allowing me to access news content online without paying for a subscription. As a native Long Islander, I like to keep up with the happenings in my old neighborhood. Newsday should take note; I’m sure I am not the only transplant who no longer clicks on their news links.

Jaime Esposito, CT

On the Web

A 38-year-old Sag Harbor woman was arrested last week for allegedly driving in Southampton while high on marijuana. When police pulled her over for failing to maintain her lane, they found she was driving with a 6-year-old child.

When this story ran on our website [Cops: East End Woman Was Driving While High With Kid in Car, Oct. 2] it sparked the following comments:

When will you idiots legalize marijuana, so we can tax it and use the proceeds to treat individuals such as this one? If not for you and your stupid drug laws, drugs sales wouldn’t be so lucrative and gangs wouldn’t have the power you give them. How can a product that is illegal everywhere in the country be freely available everywhere in the country? You people are idiots. – Right to Arm bears

Another example of why we need checkpoints where all cars with children on board are pulled over. Drivers checked for DUI and all safety items looked over. These stops could be set up near events such as carnivals, fairs, and circus dates. All for the children’s safety. Can’t argue with that, right? – Felix

@Felix: A fascist state is your answer to substance abuse? You’re kidding, right? Doesn’t the government have enough control over your life already? – Right to Arm bears

That statement about checkpoints was totally sarcastic. It would be a violation of so many of our civil rights that nobody would allow such an intrusion on our lives. But the state, with federal funding, is doing just that at motorcycle-only checkpoints. Just shows that we have equal rights, just some of us are more equal than others! – Felix

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