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Ty Smalley: Father of Ty Smalley Wants to Stop Bullying

Kirk Smalley, whose son Ty committed suicide earlier this year, appeared this morning on CNN’s American Morning to discuss his son’s death and his determination to “fight bullying wherever it’s found.”

In the clip, American Morning‘s Carol Costello interviews Smalley, who believes that bullying was the main reason for his 11-year-old son’s suicide.  The suicide took place shortly after Ty was suspended because he, according to Kirk Smalley, had retaliated against a bully.  Costello asks Smalley for descriptions of his son, his son’s history with bullying, and his plans now to “make bullying history.”

Not much is mentioned in the video about Smalley’s specific campaign to stop bullying, though he says “Yes…” when asked if he wants to make bullying against the law, and there is video of Smalley leading rallies and speaking events.  Most of the interview shows an emotional Smalley discussing his son and bullying in general.


The clip and transcription of the interview is available online in the Living section at

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