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The Newest Ideas for Your Home

Ways to Make Your Interior Look Superior

by Licia Avelar

As with any year, 2010 introduced and revived a number of home interior trends. Many factors, including the difficult economy, have set the tone for this year’s interior style. And while new trends constantly surface and sink, two main themes seem to be dominating dwellings.

Everyone knows in order to feel good about the outside one must feel good about the inside, and this holds true in interior design too. While the economy is struggling people are looking to retreat into a safe, cozy place. The first theme evident in interior design this year is sanctuary; a place to really call “home.” You can achieve this by tackling a number of new trends.


Homey hues are hot right now. Bring warmth in and wrap it around the room. The interior colors that are making a statement this season are the same natural ones that have made a statement in your jewelry box for many years. The “gem” trend introduces emerald and ruby tones. These colors add warmth to your walls while keeping a sophisticated look. A pair of favored new color come from Benjamin Moore—Claret Rose—and Sherman Williams—Gallery Green.

Other comfy colors include two that can also bring about hunger pains. Rich chocolate and deep grape are in style. Strike A Pose, by Behr, is becoming increasingly popular and Benjamin Moore’s new color Abbey Brown that would make even Godiva proud.

Many homeowners are also restoring old furniture. The motto is “out with the new, in with the old.” Recycling old items can spruce up a home, office or empty space. With spending down, decorators are suggesting reusing and recycling old items. Anne Busi, an interior design student, explains, “Taking an old piece and making something new can be both a fun and productive project—take a couch, and you can make an awesome computer chair.” She jokes, “you can get both your work done and feel like a couch potato at the same time.” If you’re confident, you can graduate to the major leagues and tackle a bigger project, like reviving an old bathtub and turning it into a swanky living room couch.

If you’re no Van Gogh, there are plenty of refurbished furniture stores on Long Island. Another Time Antiques and Morgan MacWhinnie, both in Southampton, have a number of reasonably priced refurbished furniture and home goods to choose from.

Bringing nature inside is big this year. Since 2010 was dubbed the year of eco-systems, consider an eco-friendly approach with your interior. Use natural materials like ceramic, stone and wood anywhere you can. This year, bamboo is bigger then ever.

“It’s less than oak and just as hard. It takes stain well and has a nice modern linear look,” says Architect Paul Sedgley of Florence Corporation.

These materials shouldn’t just stay on the floor. Furniture should also incorporate natural elements. Wood isn’t just to walk on—let it climb the walls. From floor to furniture, have fun with natural materials.

The second theme for interior design is vibrancy. While many are retreating to their safe sanctuaries, the rest are doing just the opposite. Here’s a mission: paint the town, or rooms, red. Spicing up and energizing interiors is in style.

Give your walls a paint pick-me-up with bolder colors. In-demand palate choices include stylish yellows and pinks. Bright colors are no longer just for kids. The addition of radiant colors to a room will energize the entire mood of it. Think Harajuku Girl and use new colors like Pinkelicious or Lizard Breath by Behr.

Another popular interior color option this year is gold. It’s both classy and sassy, creating the perfect touch. But don’t go overboard; let it simply accent surroundings. New color Gold Metallic by Benjamin Moore is a vibrant yet elegant color that adds a burst of energy without appearing over-the-top.

If color isn’t enough to bring in the sunshine, add some windows. Big windows—and lots of them—are very trendy. Let the sun in by opting for wider frames. Windows placed next to one another will look like one huge window. If new windows do not fit your budget, you can fake them—by choosing longer and wider drapes your windows will appear larger.

Go bold by mixing in some modern accessories. You don’t have to be modest with modern additions. From flooring to accessories, any addition will add flavor to a dull room.

An easy way to tackle this trend is to look to the floors. Layer floors with overlapping lightweight rugs. Make a room pop by choosing rugs with different geometric patterns in non-traditional eccentric shades.

Simple modern touches can quickly become the focal point of a space. Accessorize by adding a modern chair to a room. A simple accent can change an amateur space to a work of art. An interesting modern floor lamp can add creativity and bring a simple space to a serious statement. Tons of modern stores, like Bo Concept in Glen Cove, provide the very latest in modern accessories.

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